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Below is a list of states in the US. Once you click on a state name, it'll take you to a list of reputed debt settlement companies. You'll get the details of the companies that will help you choose the debt consolidation companies in your state. You'll also find information about consolidation and settlement in that state.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q Can I continue using my credit cards after paying off debts through a consolidation or settlement company?

Ans: The debt consolidation companies will ask you not to use your credit cards before you repay your entire unsecured debt. When you enroll in a consolidation program, your multiple credit card debts get consolidated into one monthly payment, which you need to pay to the debt consolidation company. In turn, they negotiate with the credit card companies on the basis of your existing debt. So, it is better not to add more debt.

Q Do I have to pay anything if I opt for credit counseling offered by the settlement companies?

Ans: No. You are not supposed to pay anything for credit counseling. The reliable debt consolidation companies will offer this service free of cost. The same goes for the debt settlement companies, too. They will analyze your debts and decide upon a monthly payment which you can afford. You will have to pay this amount to the company every month with which they will repay the debts. They can’t charge anything until they have settled or consolidated at least one debt successfully.

Q How does a debt settlement company work?

Ans: When you enroll in a settlement program, the company assesses your financial condition and debts. They decide upon an amount, which you need to pay to the company every month. An escrow account is opened in your name and the amount gets deposited there. The settlement company negotiates with your creditors and debt collectors to reduce the amount and uses the accumulated funds to settle your debts, one by one.

Q What will happen if I miss one monthly payment to the settlement company? Will my program be discontinued?

Ans: No. The program won’t be discontinued if you miss one payment. However, when you don’t make your monthly payments, the company won’t be able to send the agreed upon payments to your creditors. So, the program will get delayed and you may also miss some settlements. Therefore, when you know that you won’t be able to make a payment, it is better to inform the settlement company beforehand. They may make other arrangements that will be favorable to you.

Q Do I have to pay tax on the forgiven debt amount if I repay balances through best debt settlement companies?

Ans: Yes. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) considers any unpaid debt amount as the debtor’s income. So, you’ll have to pay taxes on the forgiven debt amount if it’s equal to or more than $600. However, the IRS can help you if you’re going through financial hardship. Just fill out Form 982 and apply for an exemption.

Q What should I look for to choose reputable debt consolidation companies?

Ans: You can look for these things to choose best credit card debt consolidation companies:

  • BBB rating
  • Years of service
  • Satisfactory client reviews (Live video testimonials preferred)
  • Accreditation like IAPDA, etc.
  • Law firms preferable

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Last Updated on: June 06, 2018